Consultation for Sandringham Foreshore Masterplan has now concluded. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback online or come along to one of our feedback sessions. We will keep you updated.

Bayside City Council is developing a Master Plan for Sandringham Foreshore. This plan will guide the design, priorities and staging of works on Council managed land.

This plan incorporates recommendations from current strategic plans (available on Council's website):

The key objectives of the draft Masterplan include:

  • Ensure protection of the foreshore environment, particularly areas of remnant coastal vegetation and habitats for native wildlife.
  • Identify and protect areas of Cultural Heritage significance.
  • Improve all ability access on the designated Coastal Walking Path and maintain the existing character while sustainably managing for increasing future use.
  • Improve pedestrian links along Jetty Road and to the beach.
  • Improve vehicle access, circulation and parking efficiency throughout the precinct.
  • Undertake staged upgrade of existing facilities in accordance with existing Council strategies.
  • Recognise and reinforce the status of Sandringham Foreshore as a regional open space and boating facility.

Proposed changes resulting from these objectives include:

  • Closure of Hampton pier to vehicle parking (three spaces). Pedestrian access to remain.
  • Designation of the Coastal Walking Trail through the precinct and ensuring BCMP 2014 principles for the Coastal Walking path are implemented.
  • Rationalisation of duplicated and informal access tracks and revegetation of any closed access tracks with indigenous plant species.
  • Review of path fencing. Where appropriate remove path fencing (one side of path only) and replace with natural logs to delineate pathways and where fences are required maintain a consistent fence height of approximately 1.2 metres.
  • Installation of handrails to beach access paths to improve access for all users.
  • Proposed round-about treatment opposite Trey Bit Reserve and carpark B9 to slow vehicle traffic and improve options for drivers looking for car parks or to leave the area should there be high congestion.
  • Modification of the redundant seawall in front of the Sandy Kiosk HQ to allow for improved pedestrian access and car parking.
  • Proposed additional toilet and shower facility within the vicinity of car park B7.
  • Proposed new one-way club only vehicle access for Victorian Coast Guard and Sandringham Football Club members to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicle congestion.
  • Replacement of the existing bluestone toilets at Jetty Road with accessible facilities (Bayside Toilet Strategy 2012).

This master plan does not alter any existing lease agreements.

Comments will be received until 5pm Monday 30 November 2015.

Provide your feedback

Environmental Values

Which of the recommendations do you believe will help to protect the foreshore environment? Is there more that could be done?

Universal Access

We understand that access to Sandringham Harbour and surrounds can be difficult due to the steep topography and unstable cliffs.  Legislative requirements for the protection of coastal environmental values and sites of cultural significance also limit access across the site.  Taking these constraints into account, the draft plan proposes priorities and a staged approach for improving universal access at Sandringham foreshore.

Do you believe the recommended improvements to the designated Coastal Walking Path will help to improve access for all abilities? Why? Why not?

Pedestrian and Cycle Access

Will the recommended improvements and upgrades improve pedestrian and cycle access along Jetty Road and to the beach? Why? Why not?

Vehicle Access and Parking

Will the recommended improvements assist with the access, circulation and parking of vehicles throughout the precinct? Why? Why not?

General Feedback on the Master Plan

Please provide your general comments and feedback about the master plan here!

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