Marketing and branding Bayside

Branding is a key element of Council’s role in promoting the Bayside area as a destination. Council’s objective is to showcase Bayside’s attractions to visitors to Melbourne, and to alert local residents and businesses to new attractions that are developed in Bayside such as the Bay Street Heritage Walk.</p> <p>The marketing actions in the draft Strategy target sophisticated travellers who will be drawn to Bayside’s niche cultural, environmental and historical attractions. Business travellers seeking boutique conference and short stay locations is the other key target market identified in the draft Strategy.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Council is branding Bayside to appeal to sophisticated travellers. Do you think this is the right market to be appealing to? What is it about Bayside that would appeal to this group of travellers?</strong></li> <li><strong>What would attract visitors to Bayside?</strong></li> </ul>
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