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We’ve got a new plan to help grow the urban forest in Beaumaris

Council adopted the Beaumaris Precinct Plan at its February 2023 meeting. View the Council meeting minutes and resolution.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to inform the final version of the Beaumaris Precinct Plan.

We look forward to implementing the Plan and working with our community to increase tree and vegetation canopy cover and improve biodiversity within Beaumaris.

Read the Beaumaris Precinct Plan

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Read about community feedback on the Beaumaris Precinct Plan

Bayside’s Urban Forest Strategy aims to deliver urgent, meaningful action on climate change and enhance and protect our living environment.

A key action of the Urban Forest Strategy is to develop Precinct Plans for each suburb to guide tree planting and greening on a local level, prioritising the areas that need it most.

Each Precinct Plan will also contain different planting pallettes to enhance the visual and natural character of each local area.

The draft Precinct Plan for Beaumaris was the first to be developed and was endorsed by Council at its February 2023 meeting.

Consultation was undertaken from 28 October 2022 - 27 November 2022 and sought feedback from the community to ensure this Precinct Plan would help support residents to green their own spaces, identify ideal locations for priority planting, and introduce plant species to enhance biodiversity and retain the leafy character of Beaumaris. Read the community engagement report.

Did you know?

  • We want to grow tree canopy cover in Bayside from 16% to 30% canopy cover by 2040.

  • We’ve planted 2,000 extra indigenous street and park trees in Bayside this year (in addition to the 1,400 trees we typically plant).

  • Beaumaris already has approximately 20% tree canopy cover and 18% understorey cover.

  • There are 8,584 trees managed and maintained by Council throughout Beaumaris. (2021)

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To make a submission or enquiry, please get in touch via the following methods:

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Please note: Materials can be provided in accessible formats on request.

Submissions closed 27 November 2022

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