Thank you to everyone who participated in our community engagement on the proposed plan to grow the urban forest in Beaumaris.

We undertook community engagement on the Draft Beaumaris Precinct Plan so that we can ensure this Plan will support residents to green their own spaces, identify ideal locations for priority planting, and introduce plant species that will enhance biodiversity and retain the leafy character of Beaumaris.

Between 27 October – 27 November 2022, we heard from 42 participants, including 31 online survey submissions, 5 written submissions and 2 stakeholder groups about various preferences that will increase and maintain vegetation cover of Beaumaris.

Participants told us that:

Participants were generally supportive of the actions of the Draft Beaumaris Precinct Plans and eager to assist Council to increase tree and vegetation cover within Beaumaris.

In particular:

  • 74% of participants responding positively when asked ‘How did they feel about the Draft Plan overall?’
  • Strong support for increasing vegetation cover on private land with 55% of participants supporting the action and agreeing to plant more trees on their property.
  • Participants also raised concerns around VPO controls and asked council to explore other options for tree/ understorey vegetation protection.

Through the consultation, we received specific feedback via written submissions on drafting of the Plan and how it holistically considers all components of the urban forest, including the understorey vegetation, the importance of improved vegetation on identified hotspots, and habitat connectivity. There was also considerable feedback on retaining, increasing and maintenance of vegetation on private land.

What we’re doing:

We have received community feedback and prepared the final Beaumaris Precinct Plan for Council to consider at its February 2023 meeting.

Actions that received comments have been amended to align with the community vision, and goals of the Plan and also with overarching guiding principles of Council’s Urban Forest Strategy.

The Implementation Plan has also been updated to ensure that the comments from the community are incorporated and there is greater consistency to provide measures of implementation.

The suburb specific species palette has been replaced by recently updated municipal wide species palette, “Live Bayside Plant Bayside 2022”. A holistic list of species has been developed for consistency of species as this is important for a healthy ecology for the whole of Bayside.

Subject to the Beaumaris Precinct Plan being adopted by Council, it is proposed to replicate the format for the remaining eight precincts identified across Bayside. Community engagement on the remaining plans will take place in mid-year.

Community engagement summary report

Next steps:

Council will consider community feedback and adopting the proposed Beaumaris Precinct Plan at its 21 February 2023 meeting.

Council meeting 6:30pm, 21 February