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What you told us

Read about community feedback on the Black Rock Life Saving Club Lease

Council decided to execute a 21-year lease to the Black Rock Life Saving Club for the Black Rock Life Saving Pavilion at its February 2023 meeting.

The proposed commencement rent is $3,184 plus GST per annum with 3% annual increases.

Consultation on the proposed lease was undertaken from 25 November to 16 December 2022. Read the community engagement report.

Read about the new Black Rock Life Saving Club facility currently under construction.

Frequently asked questions

Legislation has changed regarding how we engage our community on leases. Under the Local Government Act 2020, Section 115, Council will undertake a community engagement process on a proposed lease of Council-owned land for a period of 10 or more years, in accordance with its Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy 2021.

This requirement replaces the formal Section 223 process required under the Local Government Act 1989 and is designed to strengthen community involvement in decision-making, and trust and confidence in Council to make evidence-based decisions that benefit the Bayside community through the consistent application of a transparent process.

Black Rock Life Saving Club's members and volunteers provide an essential lifesaving service to our local community and visitors to the Black Rock Beach.

One of the ways Council supports community and volunteer groups is by offering reduced rent to Council-owned properties.

The proposed rent has been set in accordance with Council’s Lease and Licence Policy 2018.

The proposed commencing rent is $3,184 plus GST which will be broken up into two separate payments, a $403 plus GST community rental set in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges and a maintenance contribution of $2,781 plus GST.

The rental amount also recognises a financial contribution of $250,000 from Black Rock Life Saving Club towards the development of the new facility, before the club would take occupation under the proposed lease. As well as this, Black Rock Life Saving Club will also contribute ($150,000) towards the fit-out of the pavilion.

Black Rock Life Saving Club is committed to maximising community use of the new facility under the proposed lease agreement.

A new modern, fit for purpose facility will ensure Black Rock Life Saving Club can continue to provide essential life saving services to beach visitors and the local community, to educate and train in appropriate spaces indoors, observe the beach area, and store vital life-saving equipment. The facility will also provide multi-purpose space for social and broader community uses.

Under the proposed lease, the Club will provide an online booking system to enable the community to see when the multi-purpose space is available and book it for general community use (e.g. annual meetings for clubs or charities, recreation/exercise or special interest group meetings).

For over 90 years, the existing Black Rock Life Saving Club facility has provided a home for the Black Rock Life Saving Club’s members and volunteers.

The club is considered an excellent tenant and has committed to a significant capital contribution of $250,000 towards the construction of the new facility, with a further $150,000 to be spent by the club on additional fit out items.

It is expected that a new lease with the Black Rock Life Saving Club will continue to provide significant benefit for the broader community through essential emergency services at Black Rock Beach.

As the facility has been purpose built as a Life Saving Club, if this particular lease proposal does not proceed, Council will negotiate a new proposal with Black Rock Life Saving Club for the use of the building.

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Submissions closed 16 December 2022

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