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Consultation closed 21 April

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Charge while you shop 🔌

To accelerate and support the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), we’re proposing to install nine public EV charging stations across Bayside in partnership with JOLT Australia.

These fast-charging stations will be in public car parking spaces within shopping precincts, converting up to two adjacent parking spaces to EV charging only.

The JOLT fast-charging stations will be installed at no cost to Council and JOLT will provide 7kWh of free charging to each customer every 24 hours, equal to approximately 45-50 km of driving range, with additional paid charging beyond the free daily charge available.

Key EV charging station features

  • Nine new charging locations proposed in shopping precincts

  • 50kW DC fast chargers, sourced from 100% renewable sources

  • CCS2 connector types for most Australian delivered EVs

  • Every EV driver gets 7kWh free daily

  • Each charger will have a digital advertising panel.

Example images of the proposed JOLT EV charging stations

Proposed locations for EV chargers

Select the flashing markers below to see the nine proposed EV charging station locations, including an example image.

Community engagement overview

Read about how we're engaging with our community on this project.

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