Consultation has concluded we are finalising the feedback for inclusion into the final Community Plan

Over the past nine months Council we spoke to over 1000 people about what our community thought would make Bayside a better place.

The purpose is to give us valuable insights into what we should change in the future but also to learn more about existing and conflicting views within our community and individual residents.

This played out in people saying that they both wanted to be able to drive their cars easily and conveniently around Bayside while also saying that we should work to protect the environment through better air, water and land quality.

Get involved

Please explore this summary and provide your feedback about the document, the tensions it outlines and the community indicators proposed to help us measure what better really means!

  • Come along to a Community Conversation
  • Tell us what a better Bayside is for you
  • Share your vision for Bayside

Why all these questions?

We are using this information to prepare a new Community Plan. To help kick things off we have prepared an interim Community Plan Summary and we want to hear your feedback.

Whats a Better Bayside?

What's a better Bayside?

Using community feedback we've developed a suite of community indicators to measure a better Bayside.

You can select from the list of indicators proposed or develop your own measurement of better.

Indicators will be used by Council to measure and track progress and changes in Bayside, so that when it comes to reporting back on the Community Plan we can target out feedback. Indicators are developed across seven key themes.

Consultation has concluded we are finalising the feedback for inclusion into the final Community Plan

Bayside Vision 2025

What's your vision for Bayside?

Is this your vision for Bayside? Have a go at crafting your own vision statement.

By 2025 Bayside will:

  • Be an inclusive and supportive community that understands how our everyday decisions impact on the lives of our neighbours and the wider community

  • Provide a variety of experiences and facilities for residents and visitors to share

  • Be a place where residents can choose how they will participate in community life, as well as pursuing their own plans and interests

  • Be able to effectively plan for, and adapt to, the changes anticipated in the coming decades.

Do you have any general comments about the Community Plan Summary?