Community engagement period closed on 19 September 2021

Project information

We’re seeking feedback on the proposal for a new residential precinct at the former Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) site at 37 Graham Road and 32 Middleton Road in Highett.

Planning controls at the site require the landowner to prepare a Development Plan for the site that sets out conditions for land uses and the new built form.

The Development Plan proposes approximately 1,048 dwellings in a range of building types from two to seven storeys, and features conservation land, public open space, and community facilities including a public library and maternal and child health centre, as well as retail space.

Under current planning provisions, Council is responsible for assessing and approving the Development Plan. Community feedback will be used to assist Council in its assessment of the proposed Development Plan.

Key elements of the proposed Development Plan include:

  • Approximately 1048 dwellings in a range of building types from two to seven storeys
  • 3ha of nature conservation land
  • 1ha of public open space
  • Internal roads and pathways
  • A public library and maternal and child health centre to be operated by Bayside City Council
  • Retail space.

Council is seeking your feedback on the proposed Development Plan, including:

  • The scale, form, layout of buildings and the interface with adjoining properties
  • Mix of uses, dwelling types, internal amenity and provision of affordable housing
  • Design of open space and landscaping/planting
  • Integration with surrounding area
  • Location and components of community facilities
  • Access movement, traffic management, and parking layout
  • Staging and management of construction.

Three hectares (30,000m2) encompassing the Highett Grassy Woodland will be set aside for conservation to encourage regeneration of indigenous species and natural habitat. An additional one hectare (10,000m2) of open space has been set aside for public recreation purposes.

The setting aside of land for open space and conservation is a condition of the site’s sale between the Australian Government and developer and is the result of long standing advocacy by Council and the community.

Community facilities incorporated into the precinct are proposed to include a library to be operated by Bayside City Council, and retail space.


How to participate

  • Provide your feedback

    Community engagement and submission period closed on 19 September 2021.

  • Find out more

    Read answers to frequently asked questions to find out more about the site’s history and Council’s role in assessing the proposed Development Plan.

    Read responses to community questions 
  • Talk to a planner

    Meeting bookings with Council Planners to discuss the proposed Development Plan application process closed on 17 September 2021.

  • Developer webinar series

    The Development Plan applicant, Sunkin Property Group, hosted webinars on 1 and 7 September 2021 to outline its proposed Development Plan and answer questions from the community. You can view the presentation and responses to questions asked here.

    View the webinar presentation 

Submissions now closed

Only submissions made directly to Bayside City Council during the consultation period can be formally considered by Council. Making a submission to Council also provides the ability to be involved in any appeal process at VCAT.

Submissions must be received by 19 September 2021.

The Strategic Planning team can be contacted by phone on 9599 4441 or via via email at

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Community engagement

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