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Road assets are vital to the mobility of the community allowing for the safe, efficient and sustainable movement of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic within and across Bayside.

In 2015/16 Council spent $9.8 million maintaining and replacing the road and footpath network, this represents about 17% of Council's total budget.

Our road and footpath network has a total replacement value of $418.6 million, using financial forecasting tools (Maloney Model) and population forecasting and usage trends Council has found that by spending $3.1 million a year on maintenance (cleaning & sweeping) and a further $3.2 million gradually renewing these assets we can increase the lifespan of these assets for another 35 - 40 years.

Key improvement projects include:

  • Upgrading streetscapes of shopping precincts and villages through a long term program of Activity Centre Streetscape Upgrades.
  • New and Upgraded Shared Paths for pedestrians and cyclists to provide safe and convenient alternatives to vehicle use for short trips (implementing Integrated Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian Strategies).
  • Implementing Bay Trail Safety Audit improvements, particularly intersection improvements.

We'd appreciate your feedback on this plan and consideration of what is being proposed.

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Ongoing governance and maintenance of road and footpaths

Do you think Council is showing good governance with the ongoing maintenance and renewal of road and footpath assets across the municipality?

Know a carpark in need of a renewal?

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General comments about the Asset Plan

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