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Five year strategy adopted

Council has adopted the 2024-29 strategy at its 18 June 2024 meeting. Read a summary of the community engagement that helped to shape the strategy.

Project updates

Project overview

We’re supporting the sustainable growth and development of Bayside’s economy through a new five-year Economic Development, Tourism and Placemaking Strategy.

This Strategy will promote the best of Bayside, strengthen connections between people and the places they share, and provide support for local businesses.

We’ve drafted a Strategy using feedback from more than 1,000 community members, economic data, and audits of sites and plans.

Now, we want to know if we’ve got it right. What do you think our initiatives to boost the Bayside economy over the next 5 years?

Have your say via the online survey or upload a written statement before consultation closes on 9 May 2024.

Key objectives

  • Climate action

    Proactively address climate change by promoting decarbonisation and assisting local businesses in transitioning to a sustainable and circular economy.

  • Placemaking

    Enhance Bayside’s dynamic centres through strategic, customer-centric placemaking, to support local economic growth and cultivate a deep connection and identity of place within the community it serves.

  • Tourism development

    Develop a nuanced visitor offer, which enhances the natural, cultural and heritage assets of Bayside while respecting the diverse interests of all stakeholders.

  • Economic growth

    Cultivate a thriving and robust local economy, creating job opportunities for a skilled workforce, nurturing a responsive local business community attuned to community needs, and being agile in adapting to changing economic circumstances.

Delivering community priorities

What our community asked for and how we plan to deliver it through the strategy and action plan.

1. Innovation, digital skills and technology: Initiatives such as tailored training programs to boost the digital skills of local businesses, social media campaigns supporting major shopping strips and spend tracking analysis to monitor expenditure patterns and provide targeted support to our centres.

2. Brand enhancement: Plans to develop tourism merchandise, a visitor attraction program spotlighting Bayside’s key attractions and a shop local campaign for our key activity centres.

3. Economic diversification: Investment attraction campaign for industries needed within our Bayside Business District (BBD), enhanced support of the healthcare, aged care and social services sector, and strategically working with landlords to attract the right types of businesses to our activity centres.

1. Food & wine festivals: We aim to attract major renowned events to Bayside and leverage the economic benefits for our local economy.

2. More markets: Explore opportunities for new arts & craft/farmers market opportunities in open areas like Beaumaris.

3. More concerts and musical performances: Partner with traders’ associations to deliver musical, cultural and heritage events and activations through our Activity Centre Event and Celebration Program (ACECP).

1. Cleanliness of public areas (bins and graffiti maintenance): Increase monitoring of bins and responsiveness to cleaning and maintenance within shopping strips, implement public art murals to beautify walls and deter graffiti.

2. Landscaping and green public spaces: Strategically placing more greenery, planters, and street furniture to enhance aesthetics and usability.

3. Public spaces to sit, meet and gather: Seeking opportunities to provide more spaces for footpath dining and social gathering.

Provision of additional parking

We didn’t address additional parking in the draft Strategy because this issue is comprehensively covered under the dedicated Parking Strategy 2023-33.

More public toilets in Activity Centres
The inclusion of additional public toilets in activity centres was not covered in the EDTPS because it falls under the scope of the Public Toilet Strategy. We’ve recently consulted with our community on a new Public Toilet Strategy, with Council expected to consider community feedback and a proposed Strategy at its May 2024 Meeting. Find out more.

Help us refine the Strategy

Read the draft Strategy, then use the tabs below to complete a survey, upload a written statement or ask a question about the draft Strategy.

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Placemaking examples

To make a submission or enquiry, please get in touch via the following methods:

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