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Project updates

We want to support the sustainable growth and development of Bayside’s economy through a new five-year Economic Development, Tourism and Placemaking Strategy.

This Strategy will promote the best of Bayside, strengthen connections between people and the places they share, and provide support for local businesses.

Your feedback will help us uncover new ideas, identify gaps in our services, and target areas for improvement and growth.

Share your ideas before the first phase of consultation closes on 10 May 2023.

Setting priorities

The Strategy will identify key priorities to create conditions for a strong, adaptive, sustainable and thriving future local economy.

Read about the strategy categories

Economic Development

The Bayside economy comprises smaller, local economies with their own characteristics. While 30% of businesses are in four major shopping precincts: Bay, Church and Hampton Streets and Sandringham Village – neighbourhood shopping precincts also play a role in facilitating community connections.

We want to support existing businesses, attract and encourage new businesses, and foster more employment opportunities close to home.

Bayside’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) is estimated at $4.83 Billion (source REMPLAN). GRP is the net measure of wealth generated by a region and functions as a comprehensive indicator of a region’s economic health.

Bayside Council provides an array of services to the community, here are some examples:

  • Bayside Business Network and networking events
  • Small business mentoring service
  • Business Concierge (assistance with Council permits and approvals)
  • Managing social media platforms for local shopping areas
  • Youth services upskilling programs, inclusive economy with pathways into local employment opportunities
  • Events, festivals and markets
  • Sustainable business initiatives like the Circular economy, which involves reusing/repurposing waste and by-products to create new products and/or use for other purposes (waste management, recycling and resource recovery)


Building the local tourism industry provides a great opportunity for economic growth.

Our, environment, culture and history provide many points of difference to other Greater Melbourne municipalities:

  • Coast, foreshore, and parks
  • Major events, sports, and recreation
  • Shopping villages
  • Arts, heritage, and culture
  • Transport links
  • Community support for tourism and volunteering

Bayside’s main attractions relate to our stunning 17km coastline and beaches, parks, sporting events, and recreation. Our location, history and natural environment provides opportunities to increase tourism and boost the local economy.

Here are some examples of tourism and related services in Bayside:

  • Destination marketing (eg. tourism collateral, apps) and promotion of the Bayside brand
  • Events and activations - major (e.g. golf, sailing) & local (e.g. performances, festivals, culinary)
  • Coastal Trail, Life Saving Clubs, Brighton bathing boxes, Beaumaris fossil site Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
  • Galleries, historic and culturally significant sites (Billilla, Black Rock House, Town Hall, indigenous trail)
  • Providing trails and maps of our coast, local outstanding architecture, and historical buildings


Creating and maintaining attractive, engaging public spaces plays a role in tourism, community connections, and a vibrant commercial sector. The local economy can thrive through locals-staying-local, and more visitors. Bayside’s thriving local shopping villages are crucial to the local economy.

Placemaking also helps to strengthen connection between people and the places they share. Here are some examples of placemaking in Bayside:

  • Parklets and street activations, dining, entertainment, the night-time economy
  • Public art and seasonal theming, formal and informal performance and creative spaces, lighting installations
  • Pedestrianising streets, parking precinct plans, greening/ landscaping
  • Cleanliness and public maintenance, creating public places to gather
  • Bayside Built Environment Awards and architecture

Help us shape the strategy

We want to know where Baysiders love to shop, dine, visit and stay to design better business, tourism and placemaking initiatives and programs.

Step 1: Complete the survey

Online survey

Upload a written statement

Step 2: Share your ideas

Join us at one of our face-to-face engagement sessions

Meet our Urban Strategy team to find out more about this project and provide your feedback and ideas in person.

To make a submission or enquiry, please get in touch via the following methods:

  • Online via the survey
  • Online via the digital ideas and comments boards
  • Ask a question in the Q&A forum
  • Drop-in to a feedback session
  • Book a meeting or email Ryan Cooray, Acting Senior Economic Development Officer
  • Phone 03 9599 4497
  • In person to the Corporate Centre at 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham
  • Post to Bayside City Council, PO Box 27 Sandringham 3091
  • Anonymously via the postal, phone or email details above.

Materials can be provided in accessible formats on request.

Please select the blue subscribe+ button at the top of this page to receive updates about this project, including notification of when it will be considered at Council meetings.

Submissions close 5pm 10 May 2023.

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