Council resolution

Council adopted the Beaumaris Concourse Streetscape Master Plan at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 23 May 2017 with some amendments to the draft. View the minutes from the Council Meeting(External link), or watch the meeting online(External link).

See responses to the proposed detailed design phase below and review the draft plans via the document library.

Online forum

Will these initiatives strengthen the green leafy character?

Protecting and increasing the green and leafy feel is important to the community: <ul> <li>new feature planting to entrances</li> <li>additional planting to existing kerbs</li> <li>increase planting to garden areas</li> </ul>

Will these initiatives encourage the community to come together?

Beaumaris Concourse is a place of conversation the following initiatives are designed to strengthen this community connection: <ul> <li>flexible event space/s within the Concourse Green </li> <li>small gathering spaces</li> <li>conversational seating (comfortable seating in public spaces)</li> </ul>

Will these initiatives help to strengthen the identity of the Concourse?

Community identification and connection to the Beaumaris Concourse is strong, through the consultation we found some people meet friends daily! Below are the initiatives to help to strengthen the village character and make it uniquely Beaumaris: <ul> <li>consistent, timeless paving</li> <li>primary gateway marker</li> <li>secondary gateway treatment (e.g. art to blank walls, lighting)</li> <li>pedestrian priority treatment </li> <li>community exhibition opportunities.</li> </ul>

Will these initiatives make it easier to get around?

From the consultation it was clear that we needed to make it easier for people to get around, that included making it easier to walk, cycle and drive around the Concourse. Here is what is proposed: <ul> <li>make it a nicer place to walk and ride</li> <li>smooth, clear footpaths, tactile paving </li> <li>room for mobility scooters, and sufficient bike parking</li> <li>create a pedestrian link between East Concourse to Concourse Green</li> <li>improve the central car park </li> </ul> <p>Central Carpark Option</p> <p>Over 60% of community supported a change in this area.The option proposed creates a dedicated pathway that protects pedestrians from vehicle traffic. This option reduces the number of car park spaces lost from 15 spaces (in previous option) down to 6 spaces. It also creates a garden bed under the trees, supporting the growth of this mature trees.  </p>

Do you have any other comments about the process, consultation or master plan?

Add your comments of support or concern here!

Concept 1 - A new plaza space in East Concourse

<p>Opportunity to create a new plaza in East Concourse to provide new tree and planting opportunities, a new space to meet, gather and improve pedestrian amenity. All options below require some loss of carparking spaces to varying degree and pruning of street trees. </p> <p>Which location do you prefer?</p> <ul> <li>Option 1 - Southern Plaza</li> <li>Option 2 - Northern Plaza </li> <li>Option 3 - Central Plaza </li> </ul>

Concept 5 - Seating and pathways in Concourse Green

<p>What do you think about Concept 5?</p><p>Concept includes:</p> <ul> <li>New spaces to gather and socialise including a shelter </li> <li>Enhance the green, natural character with additional planting and landscaping to encourage activity and play</li> <li>Defined and natural paths will make it easier to use and walk through the Green</li> </ul> <p>Pros</p> <ul> <li>Creation of spaces within the reserve</li> <li>New seating and gathering spaces</li> <li>New path connections</li> <li>‘Playful’ elements</li> <li>New shelter</li> <li>Retain green character of the Reserve</li> <li>Provides additional space for community use</li> <li>Improves access</li> </ul> <p>Cons</p> <ul> <li>Reduction of lawn area</li> <li>Change of some uses</li> <li>Increased use, impact on habitat</li> </ul>

Concept 7 - Improved pedestrian access through the Centre Car Park

<p>Opportunity to improve the pedestrian connection, functionality and amenity of the Central Car Park.</p> <p>Three options to make it easier to move through the car park on foot while retaining the existing trees</p> <ul> <li>Option 1 is a clearly designated path within a shared space for cars and pedestrians</li> <li>Option 2 is a separate path for pedestrians along the centre of the car park under the trees requires the loss of 15 carparking spaces. </li> <li>Option 3 is a separate path for pedestrians along the centre of the car park under the trees requires a loss of 8 carparking spaces. <ul> <li>A separate, dedicated path for pedestrians down one side of the central median, under the trees</li> <li>Conversion to 45 degree parking and a one way system on the side with the path for ease of parking</li> <li>Retain 90 degree parking and a two way system on the other side</li> <li>Complement existing trees with low garden bed planting in the central median</li> <li>Only possible with a loss of 8 car parking spaces</li> </ul> </li> </ul>