Consultation for this playground was conducted in 2019 in conjunction with the proposed redevelopment of the neighboring Fern Street Children’s Centre. The projects were considered concurrently with an obvious relationship between the two facilities for young families.

While the planning permit for Fern Street Children’s Centre is currently subject to an appeals process in VCAT, we are progressing the designs of the new playground at FG Tricks Reserve.

We are expecting an outcome from VCAT on the Fern Street Children’s Centre planning permit soon and so we are reactivating our design consultation with the expectation that these two projects will be delivered along a similar timeline.

Given that the consultation for this playground was over two years ago, there might be new families in the area or children that are now old enough to use the playground that we would like to hear from. We will also be applying for funding from the Victorian Government for additional intergenerational equipment at this site.

The feedback we received back in 2019 included adding more equipment for older children, swings and seating. Read more about the feedback in the Community engagement summary. The proposed plans offer a nest swing, challenging traverse course and naturally shaded seating areas. There will be accessible cubby play under desks, tunnels, bridges climbing equipment, slides, nets, and a monkey bar.

Download the concept designs for FG Tricks Reserve playground or click on the flashing icons in the interactive map below to see the new features.

map of playground showing new features