Below is a summary of Theme 2: Mobilise with our community of the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan. The detail represented here is a summary from the detailed Action Tables in the Action Plan and may not appear word for word for ease of reading.


Work with our community to take climate action and minimise the threats from climate related shocks and stressors, such as heatwaves and flooding.

Outcomes by 2025

The community is engaged and taking action on climate change.

Schools, local businesses and community groups are engaged and taking action on climate change.

Implementation of innovative funding models to support investment in climate action.

The community is prepared and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

The community are knowledgeable about climate impacts and what they can do.

The community is supported and taking action on climate change.

Key Strategies, Plans and Policies

To be reviewed:

Council website

To be developed:

Grant program

Education program (in partnership with local community groups)

Support for older residents to use technology at home, to access information about Climate Emergency.

Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan

Summary of themes and objectives from the Action Plan.