Below is a summary of Theme 5: Protect and enhance our natural environment of the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan. The detail represented here is a summary from the detailed Action Tables in the Action Plan and may not appear word for word for ease of reading.


Seamlessly integrate the natural environment into cityscape, strengthening land, water and ocean based habitats.

Outcomes by 2025

Reduced Urban Heat Island impact.

Increased tree canopy cover.

Strengthened biodiversity and habitat.

Healthier waterways and reduced pollutants in the bay.

Water resources are managed more efficiently.

Water is used in the landscape to improve climate resilience.

Open space in Bayside is more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Bayside has increased capacity for local food production.

Key Strategies, Plans and Policies

To be reviewed:

Coastal Management Plan

Open Space Strategy

Street and Park Tree Management Policy

To be implemented:

Urban Forest Strategy

Integrated Water Management Plan

Biodiversity Action Plan

Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan

Summary of themes and objectives from the Action Plan.