Below is a summary of Theme 4: Transform to a climate responsive built environment of the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan. The detail represented here is a summary from the detailed Action Tables in the Action Plan and may not appear word for word for ease of reading.


Ensure the built environment provides comfortable, liveable spaces for people and will withstand climate related shocks and stressors.

Outcomes by 2025

New development in Bayside is environmentally sustainable and climate resilient.

Bayside’s streetscapes are resilient to climate change.

Bayside’s existing buildings are safer, more comfortable and more resilient to the effects of climate change.

The community is well informed and understands the value of environmentally sustainable design.

Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Design is recognised and promoted.

Council buildings and infrastructure are increasingly climate resilient and low carbon.

Environmental impact is reduced in the operation of Council owned buildings.

Key Strategies, Plans and Policies

To be reviewed:

Streetscape Masterplans

Council website - planning information

Sustainable Infrastructure Policy

To be developed:

Environmentally Sustainable Development planning policy

Research project on built form and resilience to climate change

Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan

Summary of themes and objectives from the Action Plan.