Below is a summary of Theme 7: Switch to zero carbon energy of the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan. The detail represented here is a summary from the detailed Action Tables in the Action Plan and may not appear word for word for ease of reading.


Support the decarbonisation of the energy system through switching to efficient, renewable energy solutions.

Outcomes by 2025

Certified 'Carbon Neutral' status is maintained.

100% of Council purchased electricity is from renewable sources.

Council operations are 100% gas free.

All public lighting including street lighting uses energy efficient LED lamps.

Vulnerable residents are included in the switch to 'zero carbon' energy.

Innovative solutions to switch to 'zero carbon' energy are explored and trialled.

Key Strategies, Plans and Policies

To be developed:

Plan to transition Council operations to all-electric

Business case for upgrade of all remaining street lighting to LED lamps

Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan

Summary of themes and objectives from the Action Plan.