Council's Wellbeing for All Abilities and Ages Strategy identifies that with increasing temperatures predicted, trees play an important role in the provision of shade and respite in Council’s parks and streetscapes. Community feedback also reveals a desire for more shade in the foreshore precinct.

The foreshore in this area has been extensively modified and includes a range of indigenous and non indigenous species.

The draft masterplan seeks to maintain a balance between the need for ongoing renewal of coastal vegetation and improved provision of shade for visitors while maintaining views to the bay from adjoining paths, grassy areas and residential property.

Changes are proposed to the foreshore reserve and garden beds including:

  • Replanting existing garden beds with appropriate drought tolerant, indigenous coastal species - low shrubs, groundcovers and grasses.
  • Selective individual tree planting to provide more shade in the reserve. Proposed tree species include Drooping She-oak, Coast Banksia, Canary Island Palms and Norfolk Island Palms. Tree and shrub planting will be located to maximise bay views for adjacent residents.

Council has met with neighbouring property owners and residents to discuss options for replacing some of these plants and possible models for the future management of these garden beds.

For illustration of proposed location of foreshore tree planting refer to The North Road Foreshore Detail Plan.

Page 11 and 12 of the draft masterplan also provide further detail in the sections titled Flora and Fauna and Vegetation Management.

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