Stage 1 of the new, improved North Road playground has opened to the delight of children and families. The old, enclosed ship has been replaced with an open structure that provides better access and improved lines of sight for parents. The trampolines and all abilities swing are a big hit and the landscaped sandpit is a popular new addition.

The playground is designed for all age groups and provides challenging opportunities for children to play and improve their coordination, confidence and gross motor skills.

Unfortunately, Stage 2 of the playground has not yet opened due to a delay in playground elements arriving from overseas. Sadly, a lot of playground equipment is not manufactured in Australia with the best equipment manufactured in far off countries such as Denmark and Germany. Stage 2 of the playground includes water features and a memorial book statue for parents to honour and remember their children who have passed away too early in life.

You can read more about the consultation that informed the final design on the project page.