Council, in consultation with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, is planning the staged repair and upgrade of the Brighton Promenade coastal path. This essential work is proposed to be undertaken over time to prevent further erosion.

The existing rock sea wall will be strengthened and raised in height, while maintaining views to the bay. Sections of the coast walking path in poor condition will be replaced and new seating installed.

New terraced steps providing access to the water are proposed at the end of North Road. This aims to improve public access to the bay, otherwise not possible in this section of foreshore, and also allow stormwater run off from North Road.

More information on these proposed improvements is available in the draft masterplan Coastal Processes and Coastal Management sections on page 8 and 9 as well as the North Road Foreshore Detail Plan.

Illustrations of proposed changes

The interactive images below show the current foreshore environment with illustrations of the proposed changes to the seawall, promenade and new steps to access the water.

North Road Foreshore Seawall - Current: North Road Foreshore Seawall - Current North Road Foreshore Seawall - After: North Road Foreshore Seawall - After
North Road Foreshore Terrace - current: North Road Foreshore Terrace - current North Road Foreshore Terrace - after: North Road Foreshore Terrace - after
North Road Foreshore Promenade - current: North Road Foreshore Promenade - current North Road Foreshore Promenade - after: North Road Foreshore Promenade - after

Your feedback

Do you think introducing steps to the water is a good idea?

The steps are proposed to be concrete and the design will allow for storm water to pass with minimal erosion. Would you like to add more comments or raise a concern with the introduction of steps into the water? Any comments to be considered in the design of the steps?

Would you like to provide further comments or raise a concern with the proposed improvements to the sea wall and promenade?

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